Culture, values, emotional connection with our horses… define our philosophy at Dalia Arabians. 


Based in Spain, a country with centuries of equestrian tradition, where man and horse lived, worked and had fun together; the values of respect and cooperation between both is one of our premises when it comes to breed and raise this beautiful specie.


We stablished a small breeding program in 2011 with a vision… where quality is over quantity. Along the years, with patience and collected knowledge over the time, our goal is to breed  horses with distinction. 


Our crosses are done thoughtfully, we try to breed our mares with the most suitable stallion for them, respecting above everything conformation, correctness and of course, that special touch. 

The mares are pampered during their pregnancy and the babies are carefully taken care of when they are born.

We try to raise our foals in the most natural way and in a well deserved freedom. The selected ones for show or riding are always trained in the most horse friendly way. So… when some of these horses are ready to leave to their new home, we are quite selective and picky with the new owners and we really want to follow up on their development. That means, that we stay in touch nearly for life. 


We are always up to share our passion with visitors, horse lovers and fellow breeders!